Always handle and care our frames based on the bottom guidelines.

  1. When not using your glasses.Always use the  TISHLER protecitve case  which was included in the package
  2. Always clean your lenses with the provided cloth
  3. Always take the glasses of using your both hands.
  4. Do not store your glasses in da humid environment because it might defrom the shape. The shape will return to normal, but you will be unable to wear them for a certain period of time
  5. Do not store the gleasses exposed to temperatures above 70 degrees celsius as it might deform the material. (it is highly unlikely)
  6. Never lay your glasses on a hard surface lenses side down.
  7. The glasses are not intended for sports activites and driving. You are wearing the glasses at your own risk performing this activites.
  8. Do not use your glasses when swimming or showering
  9. Some types of wood contain certain tanins where a very small percentage of the population can get an alergic reaction. Please consult your dermatologist if you think tou might be alerigc to wood.Wear the glasses at your own risk.
  10. the lenses and the glasses should not come in contact with polish, solvents or acetone.
  11.  Correctional glasses are not meant to be woren as protective gear. They do not protect from hits or hard objects
  12. The sunglasses protect your eyes from sunlight, natural UV radiation, snow, rain and wind.
  13. the glasses  and are not adequate for staring into the sun or strong light sources directly and are not made to be used in a tanning studio.
  14. Do not use the glasses whilst driving in the dark.
  15. In case of damaging the glasees do not try to repair them yourselves. We encourage you to send them to us as the majority of the cases can be fixed if handled properly
  16. Every once in a while (depending on how much you use the glasses), you can give your glasses a nice refreshment with a coating of beeswax (we also recomed lipbalm, as it is safe for contact with the skin), to give them that much needed moisture that will expand their lifespan.