What materials are used for the frame?

We use only sustainably sourced hardwood.

What is your protective case made from?

It is made from scrap pieces of a material that is used for making conveyor belts. It is porouced in Slovenia.We buy  scrap parts which would otherwise be thrown away and produce our one of a kind TISHLER protective case.

What hinges do you use?

We use a custom made high grade steel spring hinge which ensures a perfect fit, maxium comfort and a long lasting performance.


What lenses do you use in your sunglasses?

All of our glasses can be fitted either with sun or perscription lenses or a combination of both. We equip our frames with high quality lenes from ALCOM which offer sharp and clear vision with 100% UV protection.


Can i order a pair of glasses with perscription lenses?

Yes of course, all of our frames can be fitted with perscription or sun/perscription lenses. For diopters up to 6.50 you can use our online order form, For hihger diopters please contact us as ve have to make a custom offer for you. Use this contact form (link do obrazca)

Can i change the lenses if my perscription changes?

Of course, our glases are deisgned and made so that you can re fit the lenses at any optician. All of our glasses can also be refurbished.

What types of RX lenses do you use in your glasses?

We use Opal lenses. Opal lenses are light organic lenses which can be coated  with anti-reflection coating on both sides. We highly recommend that you add Anti-reflection coating as it  prevents glare and significantly improves vision, so the majority of lenses are made with this addition.

Opal lenses are known for high optical quality, contain hard coating for better life service, multilayer anti-reflection coating for better vision, and hydrophobic coating for reduced fogging and easier cleaning.

Opal lenses are approximately 50% lighter than mineral (“glass”) lenses.

Lenses are available in different materials:

– Opal 1.50 with refraction index 1.50 for small diopters,
– medium-thinned lenses Opal 1.56
– Opal 1.61 and Opal 1.67 for higher diopters (high index)

High Index is a material that is thinner  than Opal 1.50 .This helps avoid the ” glass bottle bottom” effect with stronger prescriptions. We recommend HI lenses if your sphere value exceeds -2.00 or +2.00 or the combined sphere and cylinder value exceeds -4.00 or +2.00

For the highest diopters there are Opal 1.74 lenses available. These are the thinnest organic lenses in the world. They are made of light organic material and are virtually unbreakable. Both sides of the lens have scratch-resistant coating, anti-reflection coating, and hydrophobic coating for easier cleaning and to prevent fogging. The lenses are highly recommended for higher diopters.

What information do I need in order to purchase prescription eyeglasses?

You need to provide us with the next information:

-a valid prescription

-PD (The PD is the distance between your pupils measured in millimeters) It can be expressed with one number or separately for left or right pupil—measure your PD—link do navodil kako izmeriti PD


If you are not sure how to fill the form, you can also upload a photo or scan of your perscription and we will fill out the form for you.


Are your glasses strong enough for everyday use?

Because of our design and manufacturing process our glasses are made to last for years. WIth proper care they can be your lifetime companion. Also  they can be refurbished at any time.

What ensures your glasses are strong?

Because of are multi layered design from strong hardwoods and flexible finish airgrade birch our glasses are yet flexible and hard.

Can your glasses get wet?

Yes our glasses can get wet. Most of them (except wenge wood) even float. We do not recomend using them for swimming, but some of our customers have been using them. They will withstand the use but will age faster and will need some refurbish quicker than ususal.


What is the best way to store your glasses?

Store your frames in a dry and cool place. Try to keep them in our tishler  protective case when you are not using them.

How do i clean my lenses?

Clean your lenses only with the provided cloth or a cloth specialy made for cleaning sun and optical lens. If you lost your you can order a new one in our webshop. If your glasses are oily do not use any agrresive liquids. Use only some hand soap and a damp cloth.

What do i do if the wood feels dry?

If your glasses feel dry and you think they might need some varnish u can use any type of beeswax or lipbalm to give them a nice coat of moisture

How should I take care of my glasses?

All of our eyewear is coated with a hypoalergenic natural blend of citrus oils. The coating offers a lasting protection of your glasses from moisture. We recomend that you re-apply the coating if the wooden frame feels »dry«, We recommend that you use beeswax, walnut oil  or you can also use some lip-balm.


Otherwise if you do not feel safe doing this by yourself you can always send the glasses to our Headquarters and we will gladly do that for you

You should  not clean the frame under water. Use a damp cloth instead and then wipe it dry. Never use ALCHOL or other solvents.


Do your frames come with warranty?

Yes all of our frames have a lifetime warranty on all manufacturing defects.

I bought a pair of TISHLER frames at my local optican. Can i send them to you for repair?

Yes. Of course we handle all of our warranty issues by ourselves.

What can i do if i broke my wooden glasses?

First of all don’t panic and don’t try to fix it yourself. The beauty of wood is that it can always be glued, repaired, renewed so the majority of the cases when an accident happens to one of our customers the glasses can be fixed. Check in the gallery below to see before and after.  The usual expense is 20 to 50 EUR depending on the issue plus shipping costs.


Fill out the form below and we will contact you back with possibilities.

Can my wooden frames be refurbished?

Yes. All of our wooden fframes can be sent back to our shop, and we give them a nice gentle sand, and a new coating , so they look almost as good as the day you purchased them.


Are your frames made by hand?

Yes. All of are frames are made by hand from one person from start to finish. That ensures a high quality make, that will last you for years.

How do you cut your wood?

We buy whole blocks of wood and we cut all the hardwood to 2mm sheets. This gives our glasses a unique feel and look because the outer layers of the frames are pure hardwood.

Do you use CNC machines?

Yes we use a cnc laser which cuts all the 25+ parts that are needed to make a pair of our frames.


Do you offer custom sizing and design for your frames?

Yes, custom sizing can also be made. For an inquiry about custom eyewear please contact us on the link below.

Are your glasses comfortable?

Absolutely yes. Our glasses are lighter than most of the glasses with the same design from other materials. In combination with the soft touch of wood and high quality spring hinges we belive they are one of the most comfortable eyewear to wear. See what our customers have to say about our glasses.

Are your glasses protected with varnish?

Yes. Our glasses are varnished and polished  with a vegan mixture of citrus oils and waxes which give them protection and enhance the colour and texture of wood.

How do i find the correct size for me?

Please click on the link to our size guide


Can I change or cancel an order?

If you have to change or cancel your order and you have already received your order confirmation, please write as soon as you can to info@tishler.eu. Please  make sure to include your order date and order number in the email.

I paid for a pair of your glasses but did not received a confirmation email?

Once the purchase is completed you’ll receive an order confirmation. If you can’t find the confirmation in your inbox, please don’t forget to check your spam or ads folder. If you still can’t find it, write us at info@tishler.eu and we’ll send you the copy.

I want to change the shipping details, how can i make that?

If you made a mistake or you just want to change the shipping details please contact us ASAP at info@tishler.eu. Please provide all the new date and don’t forget the order date and order number.

I need an invoice with my name, can i get it?

Of course, if zou need an invoice issued to your name please write that in the notes at the end of the order or contact us at info@tishler.eu and we will send you a repaired invoice.


I purchased a pair of your frames. Can i return it or exchange it?

Of course. Customer satisfaction is one of our top priorites, so exchanging or returning a pair of glasses should not be a problem as long as it meets our criteria.

Sun (non-RX) Eyewear Returns/Exchanges:


  • Returns must be in brand new condition, with original packaging and proof of purchase.
  • Returns must be initiated within 30 days of the original order date.
  • Free return shipping only on returns refunded via store credit or exchanged.


 RX Eyewear Returns/Exchanges:

Perscription frames or sunglasses with perscription are refundable, but a re-stocking fee of 50€ is applied for the associated costs

All returns must be initiated wtihin 30 days of purchase date stated on the invoice

  • Customer is responsible for return shipping cost.
  • Returns must be in brand new condition, with original packaging and proof of purchase.
  • Returns must be postmarked for return within 7 days of the original delivery to you.


How do you ship orders?

To ensure that you receive your product quickly and without any fuss, we ship our products via DHL, UPS or GLS . If the glasses are in stock we ship them the next day, other wise shipping is from 3-7 working days.Unfortunately, we cannot deliver to pick-up points.

How long does it usually take to receive my frames?

SLOVENIA: delivery takes between 1 and 3 working days.( for custom orders ad max  10 day+)

EU-Country: delivery takes between 5 and 8days( for custom orders ad max  10 day+)

Non-EU-Country: delivery takes between 7 and 21 days.s.( for custom orders ad max  10 day+)

How much do you charge for shipping?

Shipping is free in Slovenia.

6.90 for EU countries and 19.90 for NON EU countries.