We at Tishler strive to give you not just the best products in the world but also the best products for the world, focusing esspecialy on the environmental and social effects of our products thorugh its entire life-cycle.

With combining digital and analog  technology, we became “digital artisans”.Keeping all the stages  design, prototyping and manufacturing in house enables us to innovate, adapt and at the same time keep a high standard of quality control. All this components enabled us to create a pair of wooden eyewear which has all the properties of  eyewear from other materials but are also:


One of the core values at TISHLER is sustainability. We implemented this value in the early stages of designing all of our products. We do this with:

– wood  sourced from sustainably managed forests

– lenses supplied and made by ALCOM Kranj, with HQ just 20 KM from our workshop in BLED, Slovenia.

– our protective case is made in house from scrap material

– include people with dissabilites in our production process (when designing our protective case, we wanted to create a case that was both usefull and simple to make. Because of a genius an simple design the cases can now  be made by people with dissabilites.


Our glasses are dessigned and crafted  for everyday wear, because of our unique blend of technology and materials our glasses are extremely durable. This is why we offer lifetime warranty on all our frames.


All of our glasses can be fitted either with sun or perscription lenses or a combination of both. We equip our frames with high quality lenes from ALCOM which offer sharp and clear vision with 100% UV protection


Each pair of our glasses is equipped with a pair of high quality spring hinges. In combination with the softness and lightness of wood it ensures a perfect and comfortable fit throught the day.


Our frames weight up to 40% less than the same frames made from other materials


Because each of our frames are made ONE by ONE they  can also be custom fitted for you face shape and size. Contact us if you are SPECIAL


After a few years you have a new pair of glasses but with a story to tell.. Because of the natural charateristics of wood all of our glasses can be refurbished and repaired. Just as you would refurbish and repair  an old wooden rocking chair we can do that to our glasses.  We take out the lenses, give them a nice new sand finish, a new coating of our natural oil mixture and they look almost as good as the day you bought them.